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The 3-DVG Workshop...Sign Up Today!

Workshop participants learn how to:

1.   perceive ordinary images in "depth" with apparent depths approaching infinity


2.   tune* continuously from the appearance of an ordinary flat picture to one possessing increasing "depth sensation" that ultimately cumulates in a display that appears truly stereoscopic. *Using 3-dvg devices.


3.   make virtually any picture appear in stereoscopic 3-D ….using only your fingers.


4.   view a picture so that the observer experiences an increase in the apparent amount of information contained in any square inch of picture area.


5.   observe a magazine photo in a manner to achieve a sharpness and clarity you have never before experienced.


The Workshop:

* will equip its participants in their professional practice with a range of practical, and critical observational skills which will enable them to more fully assess and evaluate the work of self and others in photography and related media.


* leads to a personal reexamination of the known and accepted visual stereoscopic processes and the so called "illusion of depth" inherent in every (flat) picture.


* will enhance your observational skills


* will enhance every visual decision you have to make in the future. 


* experience will unify your staff in a retreat setting


The  Workshop Schedule for Spring 2014

The next series of Workshops are scheduled for Spring 2014.  Interested person need only sign the Guessbook.  You will be notified two months in advance of the event. The Workshop fee  is $40.  Seating is limited to 15 persons/session.


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