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Improving 3-DVG viewing results


Viewing results may be improved by:


•    using optical quality pinholes as provided by the 3-DVG Initiation Model. (Available)


•    using smaller diameter optical pinholes optimized for TV and for viewing pictures close up. (Available)


•    adding an illocal frame to increase depth sensation and make the picture appear life size. (Not available, present at workshops)
•    using high quality variable apertures to provide focusing ease. (Not available, present at workshops).


HELP! ... What to do if you tried but didn't see the 3-D effect 


When this happens it generally means one of four things listed below in order of importance:

(1)  You may not have illuminated the picture with light from a closely positioned lamp.  During your first try the picture must be very brightly lit. Ordinary fluorescent room light will not work on your first try.   Also, be sure that excessive glare is not present.

(2)  You may have made pinholes that are too large, or that contain "fuzz," or were not blackened with a dry marker

(3) You may not have performed the correct operational steps in moving the holes, or didn't move them slowly enough while simultaneously examining the picture.

(4) You may be the one person in five with normal vision who will not see it. The reason why some persons will see it and others won't is not understood at this time. The following checklist of questions will help clarify the situation.


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