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Workshop Details


Workshop Goals

The goal of the workshop is to learn how to tune continuously from the appearance of an ordinary flat picture to one possessing increasing "depth sensation" that ultimately cumulates in a display that appears truly stereoscopic.


The workshop is a series of hands on visual experiments leading to the realization that the so called "illusion of depth", inherent in any pictorial image can be made to appear, under the proper visual conditions, the "actual appearance of depth" (i.e., stereoscopic vision).


In other words, you will learn how to actually see the depth inherent in every picture instead of seeing the illusion of depth inherent in every picture.


Workshop activities include:

* Hands-on viewing with standard stereo devices

* ViewMaster & Standard Holmes stereo viewers

* The ultimate stereoscopic viewer: the Carl Zeiss Jena 'Verant' Stereoskop


Hands on viewing with simple 2-D to 3-D visual systems

* Monocular depth sensation using different devices

* Creating 3D (i.e., stereopsis) using small pictures and large lenses,


Hands-on use of 3-DVG visual devices

* Detecting the 3-DVG effect (using the training device)

* Learning to control the 3-DVG effect

* Learning how to use the advanced 3-DVG device 

* Visual experiments in different input media: colors, pictures, tv versus print images


Discussion Topics

* History of the 3-DVG invention

* How does the 3-DVG work?

* Chromostereopsis versus stereopsis due to the A. Ames teachings 

* The Adelbert Ames, Jr. patents and their relationship to the 3-DVG

* Synopter and Cyclopter viewing devices and their relation to the 3-DVG

* Significance of the 3-DVG visual device

* Implications of the 3-DVG phenomenon: incorporating the 3-DVG experience into your daily life


Additional Topics

* Using the 3-DVG device to promote the parallel viewing of stereoscopic pairs and to view Magic Eye images.

* Comparison with Chromatech viewing devices




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