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The 3-DVG Experience


The 3-DVG Workshop  experience provides a series of visual experiments leading to the personal realization that any picture can be made to appear in stereoscopic 3-D ….using only your fingers.

This site will expose you to a novel 2-D to 3-D visual display process that creates a surprising and stunning 3-D stereoscopic display from ordinary two-dimensional color photographs printed in any magazine. The fun part about this process, called the 3-DVG effect, is that a major portion of it, once learned, can be implemented using only your fingers.
And the super good news is that ...not only will you experience one of the most impressive visual demonstrations you've ever seen, you will learn how to perceive your entire visual world with a new, exciting, and transformative understanding.
You will learn that the so called "illusion of depth" inherent in every picture can be transformed to the "actual appearance of depth", called stereopsis or 3-D perception.
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