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Help Guide

Check off items on this list to help trouble shoot any detection issues

1. Did you select a scenic picture and light it well with additional light? Did you check to see that no picture glare was present?

2. Are you wearing contact lenses? The effect may be seen weakly or not at all if contact lenses or an astigmatic condition is present.

3. Do you require glasses to read? Persons who require glasses to read may experience the effect by placing the invention in front of their eyeglasses. You should also try the 3-DVG without your glasses.

4. Did you see the holes separate when you pulled the glasses apart?

5. Did you then bring the holes together until they overlapped half way?


6. If you did everything right and still didn't see it, try to examine a magazine picture or a comic book drawing containing red colors. Pictures containing red colored objects can appear 3-D more "easily" than a picture not containing red colors. In this instance, did you see any depth sensation at all?

7. If none of the above worked, try doubling your the viewing distance to the observed picture and try again.

8. If none of the above worked, give the device to a friend and let them try it. Have them describe what they are seeing to you. Have them watch you to see that you are performing the proper steps.

Remember that not everyone will see it. Still, this does not mean that you will
not see it on a second or third try.


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